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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
                 ~ John Dewey

Meetings   Some parents want an      experienced special education attorney  to advocate for them at  CSE, CPSE,  or Section 504  meetings, 

Hearings and Appeals: Some parents have reached a point where the best option is a hearing. They want an experienced special education attorney to represent them.

​If you or your child receive disability benefits, be sure to keep medical documentation of the disability current.  Bring your child to see a medical expert regularly.  Do not rely on old assessments or medical reports even if the disability has not changed.  A proposed federal regulation would require additional evaluations to keep benefits.  

Read about it:  "Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits" on Huffpost.com 

Consultation:   Some parents just want an experienced special education attorney to explain their rights and advise them.