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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
                 ~ John Dewey

Meetings   Some parents want an      experienced special education attorney  to advocate for them at  CSE, CPSE,  or Section 504  meetings, 

Hearings and Appeals: Some parents have reached a point where the best option is a hearing. They want an experienced special education attorney to represent them.

                                             Coronavirus Pandemic

   As we all face this challenging time, I want to convey my hope for your health and      well-being. Schools are closed for an unknown period of time leaving children at         home while parents try to work. You will probably receive information from your         school district concerning "distance learning," or ways to engage your child in             learning while the schools are closed. This will vary from district to district. If your       child has an IEP, know that the U.S. Office of Special Education has issued a             guidance indicating that school districts should consider the unique needs of             students with disabilities, If you have questions, call my office.​  I will try to
    answer your questions at no charge.

Consultation:   Some parents just want an experienced special education attorney to explain their rights and advise them.